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What is Grip Sheet?

GRIP SHEET™ are paper interlayers, coated with a layer of non-slip , inserted between one layer and another to prevent the packs from slipping on the pallets . There are also waterproof types and self-adhesive types for plastic pallets

How does antislip paper work?Thanks to the  special coating  on the sheets,  friction is guaranteed even in extreme conditions. Once the stability of the pallet has been ensured, it is possible to reduce the rest of the packaging:  film, straps, corner pieces, etc. 
the non-slip interlayers are present among the devices for securing loads according to the European Union Directive 2014/47/EU .

The sheets are made with recycled and recyclable Kraft paper with FSC certification, they can also be supplied as anti-humidity sheets and anti-water sheets , available in various sizes and thicknesses (non-slip cardboard) that can be machined (starting from the 90gr format) or applied manually .

How is it applied?
As a substitute for the cardboard interlayers or plastic interlayers; 
to avoid rising damp from wet pallets (in their anti-humidity version) ;
in the  internal handling of goods without using any stretch film;
as substitute for plastic interlayers or wave cardboard interlayers and much more.


  • packs no longer slip;
  • platforms  become more stable;
  • cost of stretch film decrease  (up to 50%);
  • disposal costs decrease ;
  • higher production speed  (30%);
  • energy consumption is reduced ;
  • less risk during handling ;
  • reduction of loading times ;
  • reduced humidity between platform and packs.